23/07/2020 · AMD Catalyst 12.10 and 12.11 drivers have a known issue where they will cause all Kodi GUI text to show up as scattered dots (or nothing at all). A fix has been published by AMD with the 12.11 Beta 11 Catalyst drivers.

I tried to update kodi add-on repository and I got the same message than installing one skin: “the denpendency on xbmc.gui 5.9.0 could not be resolved” Any other have the same problem? (I am doing it on an atv1) This is not a full tutorial on how to get Kodi to work on Raspbian Buster (the new OS for the Pi 4), but just how to get around one particularly annoying problem. The Problem: All attempts to start Kodi crash with the message Kodi unable to start GUI. The Solution: Don't trust raspi-config to change /boot/config.txt to use the correct drivers [Lösung] Log Kodi Fehler: Cache löschen und Purge – Pakete Dazu benötigen Sie das Add-on namens ” Maintenance Tool ”. Wenn Sie es wirklich nicht unter Ihrer Registerkarte Programme haben bereits, können Sie bis es über “Add-on – Installer“ gesetzt. Como resolver o erro "ERROR: Unable to create application. Exiting." ao iniciar o KODI Como tem sido um pouco recorrente aparecer este erro a alguns utilizadores de KODI, deixo aqui um tutorial simples a mostrar como resolver. Por norma é um problema re 18/08/2015 · XMBC ERROR: Unable to create GUI. Exiting. sglee asked on 2015-06-29. Home Theaters; Embedded Hardware; Displays / Monitors; 7 Comments. 1 Solution . 16,175 Views


Boa noite, formatei minha maquina e instalei o kodi do zero, windows 10, ocorre que esta aparecendo mesmo erro dos amigos acima ERROR: Unable to create GUI. Exiting Exiting fui no paste bin e colei meu log

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Voila j'ai ne message d'erreur qui apparait ERROR.Unable to create GUI.Exiting Je ne peux plus lire mais film avec XBMC ou VLC Avec WMC ça marche nikel J'ai désintaller XBMC puis installe KODI et rebelote ERROR.Unable to create GUI.Exiting Je ne sais plus quoi faire a part refaire mon PC Aide pliz 14/11/2017 Kodi on PS4 and PS3 (installation Guide) MFT Installer APK Download the last version downloaded [Solved] Kodi Exodus Repository Could Not Connect; Powerfire stick via the USB port With Fire Cable (Without AC cable) 123Movies Kodi addon install instructions